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Each student has the opportunity to find a part-time job while studying in Denmark. Finding a student job is not always easy if you do not speak danish, but sure not impossible!


Typical student jobs are in bars, restaurants and hotels – you can help in the kitchen, be a waiter or a housekeeper. Moreover delivering newspapers is popular among students. That does not mean you can not find anything better – just keep learning the language and be persistent in your job search.


It is a great idea to start learning danish before you come to Denmark to improve your chances, remember that even elementary level shows the interest in being a great candidate. Having a part-time job you will be able to support yourself during your studies, the minimum wage is not given in Denmark, but students earn between 10 to 12€ per hour. Together with the scholarship you will not have any troubles while living in Denmark.


Where to search for student jobs

Some academic institutions have online job portals or career centers that can assist you in finding a student job. Please do not hesitate to ask you university for a help! In addition, the official Danish website for international recruitment is  and it offers information on how to find a relevant student job, how to write an application, what to do on a job interview, etc.


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