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Information for Parents

Your child is considering studying abroad, which can result in particular concern and uncertainty. We care about the safety and satisfaction of our students and so we want to provide relevant information to “our” parents. Below, you can find a summary of the most important things to know about studying in Denmark.


Benefits of studying abroad

  • Study abroad will help your child grow both academically and personally.
  • Your child comes home more independent and better prepared to face challenges at work and in their personal live.
  • Gives confidence and mental development.
  • Improves his/her ability to communicate in a multicultural environment.
  • Gives the ability to speak foreign languages.

Travel documents to enter Denmark

Entering Denmark is possible with just a valid identity card or a passport, special entry visa is not required.


Health and Insurance

The Danish health care system is run on the principles of equality and accessibility. Students have access to free medical care and health insurance just like back home, mostly of a higher quality.



Danish society is based on tolerance and mutual respect. Compared to many other economically developed countries crime in Denmark is very low. Emergency number is 112.


CPR personal identification number

Personal identification number (“nummer” or “personnummer”) is a national identification number, which includes personal information stored in the civil registry (Det Centrale Personregister). Registration was established in 1968 with by combining information from all general registers in Denmark into one. Every person living in Denmark for more than three months must have a CPR number. Together with a CPR number, the resident receives a “Yellow Card” with your name, address, CPR number on it as well as the name and address of your doctor. This card will basically be your “other ID” and you will have to show it at the doctors, when setting up your bank account but it can also help you access the library etc.


Danish language courses

Student in Denmark has the opportunity to attend a Danish language courses for three years for free. You need to have a residence permit in Denmark. Language courses for student are 2 times a week during the evening hours.



Danish Crown (DKK) is the official currency in Denmark, including the autonomous provinces of Greenland and the Faroe Islands from 1st January 1875. One Euro is about 7.44 DKK