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There are different options of accommodation in Denmark. If you are interested in experiencing a “real university life style”, you can live in a student dormitory. This is a great opportunity to get to know students from other countries but from Denmark as well. The accommodation types are different – mostly in a single or double rooms with shared kitchen and the price goes from 220€ for a single room and 180€ for a shared one.


Another (and very popular) possibility is finding a private apartment and share it with your friends. This can be even cheaper than dormitories and more comfortable, depending on your requirements (location, equipment, ability to share a room etc.). Remember, that at the beginning you can be asked to pay even 2 or 3-months rent deposit. This is for the landlord to ensure that you will not cause any damage and the deposit can be refundable. It all depends on the agency or the landlord.


In the most cases, accommodation is not guaranteed by the school, therefore we recommend you to start looking as soon as possible – even before you know if have been accepted by the university. Feel free to contact us for further information!


Accommodation prices also depend on the city you will be living in. Of course, accommodation in the capital is more expensive and in the smaller cities you can have a chance to find something even cheaper. Moreover, it is common that the apartments are not furnished so keep in it in mind in case you have to buy your own furniture, but the kitchen has at least a fridge in most cases. In dormitories, you will have your own bed and a table and an essential equipment in the kitchen. Again, it all depends on the situation.


In case you are looking for accommodation in Denmark for a short period (e.g. visit), we reccommend you to check this website: